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Fundraising ...

Because of the high level of activity of the DHS Music Program, it is necessary for us to organize fundraising projects. These include:

  • Bottle Drive (September)
  • Ultimate Fundraising (October)
  • Meat Order (October)
  • Purdy's Chocolates (November)
  • Bottle Drive (late November)
  • Silent Auction (mid-December)
  • Bottle Drive (mid-February)
  • Mom's Pantry (February)
  • Meat Order (March)
  • Online 50/50 Cash Raffle

A system of individual student accounts is used in conjunction with most fundraising projects. This practice reflects a desire to encourage rather than to enforce participation by students and parents in fundraising projects. The major portion of profits from most fundraising activities is held in trust for the students who helped to earn it.

Students can then use accumulated funds for special projects of music programs, such as tours and festivals. Families can choose to reduce special project costs by sharing in fundraising profits or to pay the full amount of cash.

Click on the image above to support our current 50/50 Cash Raffle.


Donations are in increments of $10.00.
On the donation page select the quantity of $10.00 donations as shown (see below).


Flute, Clarinet, Saxaphone, Tuba, and Percussion students participating in the DHS Band Program

Students participating in the DHS Band Program playing Flute

Students participating in the DHS Band Program playing Tuba

Students participating in the DHS Band Program in the 2011 Spring Concert