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All parents and/or guardians of students participating in the DHS Music Program are members of the Didsbury Schools Band Society by virtue of their child's participation in the program.

Purposes of the Didsbury Schools Band Society
  • To support and assist the DHS Bands in providing the best possible musical environment for the students.
  • To facilitate the exchange of information between the director, band parents and band members.
  • To promote community awareness of the DHS Bands and Program.
  • To assist the Band program and its students in acquiring funds for program activities and equipment.
  • To encourage the growth of musical excellence through increased parental awareness, communication and involvement.

Board of Directors
ChairLynn Doering403-559-8777lynnkev@xplornet.com
Co-ChairKim Visserkimvisser@hotmail.ca
SecretaryJenni Dodman403-507-1984jennidodman@hotmail.com
TreasurerCarla Ridley403-559-7556cdr.5@hotmail.com
Music DirectorKirk Wassmer403-335-3356kwassmer@cesd73.ca

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm in the DHS Music Room. All parents, guardians and students are welcome to attend the meetings. The Didsbury Schools Band Society meetings are an opportunity to hear what is going on and to provide feedback and direction.
January 13, 2021Agenda (Uploaded: Jan 13, 2021)Minutes
December 9, 2020Agenda (Uploaded: Dec 9, 2020)Minutes (Uploaded: Jan 13, 2021)
November 18, 2020Agenda (Uploaded: Nov 2, 2020)Minutes (Uploaded: Dec 9, 2020)
October 21, 2020AgendaMinutes (Uploaded: Nov 2, 2020)
March 11, 2020Agenda (Uploaded: Mar 5, 2020)Minutes (Uploaded: Oct 24, 2020)
February 12, 2020Agenda (Uploaded: Jan 30, 2020)Minutes (Uploaded: Oct 24, 2020)
January 8, 2020Agenda (Uploaded: Jan 7, 2020)Minutes (Uploaded: Jan 30, 2020)
December 10, 2019Agenda (Uploaded: Nov 30, 2019)Minutes (Uploaded: Jan 7, 2020)
November 13, 2019Agenda (Uploaded: Oct 19, 2019)Minutes (Uploaded: Nov 30, 2019)
October 9, 2019Agenda (Uploaded: Oct 19, 2019)Minutes (Uploaded: Oct 19, 2019)
September 11, 2019Agenda (Uploaded: Oct 19, 2019)Minutes (Uploaded: Oct 19, 2019)
June 19, 2019Agenda (Uploaded: Aug 26, 2019)Minutes (Uploaded: Oct 19, 2019)

Other Information
  • Constitution and Bylaws of the Didsbury Schools Band Society are available here.
  • Board of Directors Job Descriptions are available here.
  • Incorporation Documentation is available here.
  • Website and Silent Auction Administration is available here.
Students participating in the DHS Band Program in the 2011 Spring Concert.

Students participating in the DHS Band Program playing at Revelstoke in 2012.

Students participating in the DHS Band Program playing at the Whistler Music Festival in 2012.

Kirk Wassmer leads the 2012 DHS Grade 9 Concert Band through a few classical pieces at the Moose Jaw Band and Choral Festival.